What grade must I earn on the final to get a ? in this course?

"What grade must I earn on the final to get a ? in this course?"

Here's the answer to that question for students in Kunkle's Math 104 class now that you've completed three exams and (nearly) all of the quizes.

Let X be the sum of your three midterm exam scores, and let Y be your quiz average out of fifty. X will be a number somewhere between 0 and 300, and Y will be between 0 and 50. Our ninth and final quiz will be on Dec 5. Remember to drop your lowest two quizes before averaging.

Let Z stand for the percentage corresponding to your target grade.
Letter grade: A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D-
Minimum required score: 90% 87% 83% 80% 77% 73% 70% 67% 63% 60% 57%
For instance, if you target grade is a B+, then Z =.83

The final exam is worth 150 points. To achieve your target grade in the course, you must earn either Z*450 - X points or Z*500 - X - Y points out of 150 on the final, whichever is lower.